CFEL Seminars & Colloquia

17.06.2015: Wilhelm Zwerger
Fermi gases at infinite coupling: a new paradigm in many-body physics

06.05.2015: Philipp Demekhin
Electron and nuclear dynamics driven by intense laser pulses

application/pdf CFEL Theory seminar

03.06.2015: Gabriele De Chiara
Light-matter interface for probing quantum gases

22.05.2015: Walter Hofstetter
Multiflavor Physics and Gauge Fields in Ultracold Atoms

20.05.2015: Reinhold Walser
Ray tracing for matterwave interferometry

08.05.2015: Janos Kirz
A brief history of X-ray imaging

06.05.2015: Nimrod Moiseyev
Light induced conical intersections: a novel phenomenon and its consequences

29.04.2015: Börge Hemmerling
Towards a MOT for CaF and prospects of laser cooling SrOH

application/pdf CFEL- CMI Seminar

23.04.2015: Sergey V. Kuzikov
Novel concepts for compact linear accelerators and RF undulators

application/pdf CFEL-UX Seminar

23.04.2015: François Lémery
Dielectric lined waveguides for beam acceleration and manipulation

application/pdf CFEL-UX Seminar

23.04.2015: Yuji C. Sasaki
3D dynamical observations of single molecule motions by x-rays, electron and neutron

application/pdf CFEL-CI Seminar

22.04.2015: Marco Schiro
Far from equilibrium quantum many body physics with strongly interacting matter and light

22.04.2015: Song Bin Zhang
Study of Molecular Electronic and Rotational Coherences by High-Harmonic Generation: Theory

application/pdf CFEL Theory Seminar

20.04.2015: Eduardo Granados
Exploring matter under extreme conditions at the Linac Coherent Light Source

application/pdf CFEL-UX Seminar

17.04.2015: Wolf Widdra
Oxide Quasicrystals: New 2D Materials from Hyperspace?

application/pdf Hamburg Photon Science Colloquium

15.04.2015: Jean-Philippe Brantut
Mesoscopic physics with cold atoms

10.04.2015: Sarah Harris
Supercomputing in the Cellular Jungle

application/pdf Hamburg Photon Science Colloquium

09.04.2015: Alexander Riss
Single-molecular reactions – Imaging chemical bonds and tuning electronic structure

application/pdf MPSD-Seminar

07.04.2015: Hasan Demirci
Mutant ribosomes and the action of antibiotics

application/pdf CFEL-CI Seminar

02.04.2015: Chi-Kuang Sun
Clinical virtual biopsy imaging by using optical harmonic generation microscopy

application/pdf CFEL UX Seminar

25.03.2015: Ilie Radu
Exploring Ultrafast Magnetism with X-rays and THz Excitations

application/pdf MPSD Seminar

18.03.2015: Hanieh Fattahi
Third-generation femtosecond technology

application/pdf CFEL-UX Seminar

10.03.2015: Guillaume M. Laurent
Attosecond control of electron emission from atoms

application/pdf CUI Seminar

05.03.2015: Kanupriya Pande
Structure determination by X-FEL based intensity correlation measurements

application/pdf CFEL-CI Seminar

25.02.2015: Pankaj K. Mishra
Ultrafast energy transfer from solvent to solute induced by sub-ps highly intense THz pulses

application/pdf CFEL Theory Seminar

19.02.2015: Leonie Flückiger
Department of Optics and Atomic Physics, Technical University Berlin, Germany

application/pdf CMI Seminar

19.02.2015: Andrea Tabattoni
Attosecond electron dynamics in N2+ dissociation

application/pdf CMI Seminar

16.02.2015: Christoph Heyl
Scaling and gating attosecond pulse generation

application/pdf CFEL-UX Seminar

11.02.2015: Koudai Toyota
The envelope Hamiltonian in high-frequency regime

application/pdf CFEL Theory Seminar

11.02.2015: Haim Suchowski
Phase-mismatch free nonlinear propagation in zero-index materials

application/pdf CFEL-UX Seminar

06.02.2015: John Costello
Stagnation layers at the collision front between counter-streaming laser plasma plumes - formation, properties and potential applications

application/pdf CFEL Colloquium

05.02.2015: Gernot Friedrichs
Isotope Selective Cavity-Ringdown and Surface Sensitive Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy for Environmental Water-Air Interface Studies

application/pdf CFEL Molecular Physics Seminar

22.01.2015: Jens Biegert
Electron recollision with mid-IR sources: Molecular Imaging and soft-X-rays

application/pdf Molecular Physics Seminar

22.01.2015: Hartmut Löwen
Observing colloidal crystallization in real - space

application/pdf CUI Colloquium

22.01.2015: Sandro Stringari
Superfluidity and propagation of sound in ultracold atomic gases
ZOQ, Seminar room

21.01.2015: Peter Vöhringer
High-valent iron by light
ZOQ, Seminar room

16.01.2015: Yanhua Shih
Quantum coherence and imaging

application/pdf CFEL Colloquium

15.01.2015: Jochen Mikosch
Channel-Resolved Above-Threshold Ionization in the Molecular Frame
CFEL, Seminar rooms I+II

application/pdf Molecular Physics Seminar

14.01.2015: Philipp Treutlein
Hybrid optomechanics: using cold atoms to cool and control micromechanical oscillators
ZOQ, Seminar room

14.01.2015: Nikita Medvedev
FEL-induced electron and atomic kinetics in solids

application/pdf CFEL Theory Seminar

08.01.2015: Jan Korvink
Nanolitre 1H NMR and MRI detectors for applications in the life sciences

application/pdf Molecular Physics Seminar


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CFEL is a scientific cooperation of the three organisations:
CFEL is a scientific cooperation of the three organisations: