Cornelius Gati and Nele Müller are awarded PhD scholarships from PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

Hong-Guang Duan, Özgür Sahin, Alena Wiegandt, Clemens Wieck, Matthias Schlaffer, Cornelius Gati, Nele Müller (awardees), Stefanie Tepass (coordinator PIER Helmholtz Graduate School), Petra Herz (chair Joachim Herz Foundation), Ilja Bohnet (Helmholtz Association) (from left to right)

CFEL graduate students obtain scholarship award for outstanding research

On 31 October 2012 the first PhD Scholarships from the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School were awarded in a festive ceremony. Among the seven outstanding finalists, who can look forward to three years of PhD research funding, were Nele Müller (CFEL/DESY Controlled Molecule Imaging group), Cornelius Gati (CFEL / DESY Coherent Imaging group) and Hong-Guang Duan (CFEL/ MPSD Atomically Resolved Dynamics group). The scholarships are sponsored by the Joachim Herz Stiftung.

Nearly 200 people attended the award ceremony. In her laudatory speech, Petra Herz (chairwoman of the Joachim Herz Stiftung) emphasized the importance of supporting excellent young scientists for the Hamburg scientific landscape and was eager to see the results of the fellows’ PhD theses. Ilja Bohnet (representative of the Research Field Structure of Matter, Helmholtz Association) described in his speech the opportunities offered by PIER and the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School in recruiting the best young scientists worldwide.