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CFEL opens its doors along with the 5th Night of Knowledge and the DESY Open Day

CFEL at the 5th Night of Knowledge 2013

Over 5000 visitors came to the CFEL building during the 5th Night of Knowledge and the DESY Open Day. Besides the astounding architecture of the building they could learn about the various scienitfic fields that CFEL scientists and colleagues from the CUI and DESY photon science are active in. With over 10 science demonstrations, several presentations on science, quizzes and science slams over 50 helpers made this one of the highlight attractions on the Bahrenfeld Campus of the University of Hamburg and DESY.



With an extreme high speed camera the group of Markus Drescher from the CUI allowed visitors to become actors in their personal high speed movie and take it home on a memory stick.

Franz Kärtner's CFEL Division for Ultrafast Optics & X-Rays demonstrated in various experiments how lasers can be used not only in science but have already taken important places in our everyday live. The group allowed the visitors to calculate the speed of light from melting chocolade, showed an artifical rainbow, how one can let air become a laser, and why in some cases two sets of light can create darkness.

The MSK group of DESY allowed visitors to try coupling laser light into glass fibers and demonstrated how the nanometer precise measurement of optical fibers can be achieved.

The group of Markus Perbandt from CUI showed on a 3D capable PC how molecular wonders of nature can be recreated.

CFEL's Coherent Imaging Divison of Henry Chapman allowed the visitors to grow their own nanocrystals and to analyse them under a microscope.

Students of the CFEL Theory Division entertained the audience with interactive quizzes.

Students from the International Max Planck Research School for Ultrafast Imaging and Structural Dynamics held two science slams with five short presentations. In each of these they described part of their work in simple terms and accessible for a general audience.

Prof. Robin Santra, the head of the CFEL Management Board, gave overview presentations on the CFEL building, the organization of the CFEL cooperation and the science at CFEL.

More impression from the CFEL Open Doors