Max Born Prize 2018 for Angel Rubio

CFEL Division Leader, Angel Rubio, is to receive the German Physical Society’s Max Born Prize 2018.


The Society (the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, or DPG) is honoring Rubio, who is the head of the MPSD’s Theory Department at CFEL, for his leading role in computer-based condensed matter physics and his predictions on the properties of matter in low dimensions.

In its citation, the DPG describes Rubio’s work in the fields of carbon-based nanotubes and nanoscale science as “outstanding”. It also praises his publications in a wide range of areas, from cluster theory to complex materials and chromophores in biological systems.

The Society further highlight’s Rubio’s work on the open source project Octopus, which facilitates research on excited electron ion states. “Angel Rubio has made computer code for research on density functional theory widely accessible,” says the DPG. The award ceremony is due to take place in London next year.