EIC pathfinder grant awarded to Patrik Vagovic

Patrik Vagovic, a scientist from the SPB/SFX instrument at European XFEL and CFEL/DESY has received one of the first European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder grants. The European Commission funds the project Megahertz-Tomoscopy within its Horizon Europe framework programme for research and innovation with 3.15M Euro over 3.5 years.

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The Megahertz-Tomoscopy project centers around imaging of matter under fast motions with velocities from several meters to several kilometers per second. Patrik Vagovic is  constructing a prototype of a unique X-ray microscope (patent pending), which will be able to “photograph” samples from different angular views using individual X-ray pulses at the European XFEL SPB/SFX experiment station.

The recorded X-ray data is expected to provide unique, first-time insights relevant for academia, for example with regards to life sciences, as well as industrial tuning processes within the aeronautics or automobile industry.