Seminars & Colloquia 2010

 20.12.2010: Luca Poletto
 Spectral Selection of Ultrashort Pulses in the Extreme Ultraviolet


 15.12.2010: Achim Rosch
 Dynamics of ultracold Fermionic atoms in optical lattices

 ZOQ Colloquium: ILP Seminar Room, 5 pm

14.12.2010: Adrian Cavalieri
Attosecond spectroscopy at CFEL

application/pdf CFEL General Seminar

 14.12.2010: Michael Bonitz
 Ultrafast electron dynamics following ionization by intense electromagnetic

 08.12.2010: Hanns-Christoph Nägerl
 Quantum engineering at nanokelvin temperatures: Quantum phase
 transitions, correlations, and novel many-body systems

 ZOQ Colloquium: ILP Seminar Room, 5 pm

 8.12.2010: Flavio Capotondi
 Coherent Diffraction Imaging at FERMI@ELETTRA

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07.12.2010: Thomas Möller
Imaging ultrafast processes of clusters

application/pdf CFEL General Seminar

 postponed: Holger L. Meyerheim
 X-ray analysis of the geometric and magnetic structure in low dimensional systems


 01.12.2010: Terry Mullins
 High-resolution optical pulse shaping and its application to the
 photoassociation of ultracold Rb atoms

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 01.12.2010: Jan Meinen
 TRAPS: New laboratory techniques for the investigation of
 nanoparticles with atmospheric relevance

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30.11.2010: Victor Lamzin
Electron spectroscopic studies of the electronic structure of atoms and molecules

application/pdf CFEL General Seminar

 29.11.2010: Minna Patanen
 Electron spectroscopic studies of the electronic structure of atoms
 and molecules

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 29.11.2010: John W. Freeland
 Understanding and Controlling Phases of Complex Oxides


 24.11.2010: Christophe Salomon
 From ultracold Fermi gases to neutron stars

 ZOQ Colloquium: ILP Seminar Room, 5 pm

23.11.2010: Lotte Holmegaard
Laser induced alignment and orientation: photoelectron angular distributions from strong field ionization

application/pdf CFEL General Seminar

 22.11.2010: Eldad Bettelheim
 Multi-gapped states in BCS superconductors


 22.11.2010: Martin Eckstein
 Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory


 22.11.2010: Mathias Nest
 Correlated many electron dynamics from first principles


 22.11.2010: Jean Christophe Tremblay
 Laser control of quantum dynamics in dissipative systems


 11.11.2010: Vladan Vuletic
 Squeezed atomic clock below the standard quantum limit

 ZOQ Colloquium: FLASH hall, 5 pm

 22.10.2010: Yuan-Pin Chang
 Application of Zeeman quantum beat spectroscopy to angular momentum
 polarization studies

Icon CFEL CI Seminar (257KB)

 22.10.2010: Darko Dimitrovski
 Inclusion of static Stark shifts in models for strong-field ionization


 19.10.2010: Zoltan Jurek
 The effects of radiation damage on single molecule imaging at XFEL -
 model and results


 15.10.2010: Michael Krause
 Simulated Raman Scattering in Silicon Photonics


 08.10.2010: Carsten Fortmann
 Dynamical structure factor for dense plasmas:
 Theory and application to x-ray scattering for dense plasma diagnostics


 30.09.2010: Matteo Mitrano
 X-Ray Diffraction at High Pressures in V1-x Crx O2


 23.09.2010: Lotje Wansbeek
 One Single Trapped Radium Ion and the Standard Model of Particle Physics


 23.09.2010: Andrei Rode
 Trapping, manipulation, and transport of particles in air with optical vortices

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 23.09.2010: Andrei Rode
 Super-dense bcc-Al formed by ultrafast laser microexplosion

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 22.09.2010: Harald Jeschke
 Explaining and predicting phase transitions using tight binding and ab initio
 molecular dynamics


 17.09.2010: Mohamed El-Amine Madjet
 Optical properties of gold nanoparticles and field enhancements using
 Time-Dependent Local Density Approximation


 17.09.2010: Coen de Graaf
 Quantum chemical study of spin crossover in Fe(II) complexes

 14.09.2010: Beata Ziaja-Motyka
 Ultrafast dynamics within complex systems stimulated by intense free-electron
 laser radiation


 06.09.2010: Fernando Brizuela
 Full-field microscopy with extreme ultraviolet laser illumination

Icon FS-ML Seminar (1.7 MB)

 02.09.2010: Mukesh Jewariya
 Resonant Excitation of Large Amplitude Anharmonic Vibrations of Amino acids
 Micro Crystals by an Intense Monocycle Terahertz Pulse

21.06.2010: Roberto Merlin
Negative refraction and radiationless interference: the quest fo the superlens

application/pdf CFEL Colloquium

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